Will Virtual Group Fitness Classes continue as facilities reopen?

Yes, as a fee-based activity. As we enter into our Safe Return phase of reopening facilities, which includes reduced capacities, we understand that some patrons remain unable or unwilling to participate in in-person classes in the facility. Our fitness and wellness instructors find tremendous joy in teaching classes for and connecting with our Parker community. They remain dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the people who join their classes, which requires dedicated time, ongoing planning and training, and a financial commitment to maintain appropriate certifications. Our customers who follow particular instructors and class formats and pay a fee to participate in their classes online are appreciated for their devotion to our exceptional staff and for allowing them to do what they love most; leading a customized, interactive fitness and wellness experience just for you. As our Parks and

Recreation Department has experienced significant budget challenges due to COVID-19, supporting virtual, fee-based fitness programs is a win-win.

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1. Will Virtual Group Fitness Classes continue as facilities reopen?
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