Parker Parks, Recreation and Open Space



Link: Parks and Recreation Department


20120 E. Mainstreet
Parker, CO 80138



Link: Parks and Recreation Department

Name Title Email Phone
Arvidson, Meagan Nakashima Deputy Recreation Manager 303.805.3274
Collins, Brett Park Project Manager 303.805.3276
Colton, Mary Parks, Recreation and Open Space Director 303.805.3261
Jones, Brooke Marketing Coordinator 303.805.3263
Mooney, Brenda Special Project Analyst 303.805.6309
Vollertsen, Jaime Marketing Supervisor 303.805.3267

Parker Fieldhouse 

18700 E. Plaza Dr.
Parker, CO 80134



Link: Parker Fieldhouse

Name Title Email Phone
Burk, Allie Assistant Day Camp Director 303.805.6303
Glader, Brandan Sports Coordinator 303.805.6314
Griffin, Traci Recreation Coordinator II - Facilities 303.805.6317
Harwerth, Michael Recreation Supervisor - Facilities 303.805.6310
Koon, Errin Recreation Manager - Programs 303.805.6308
Meadows, Lou Customer Service Representative 303.805.6324
Monn, Karinne Sports Coordinator 303.805.6327
Negrin, Alfredo Sports Coordinator 303.805.6311
Polzer, Emma Sports Coordinator 303.805.6329
Serena, Sally Sports Lead 303.805.6328
Skiera, Jessica Day Camp Director 303.805.6306

Parker Recreation Center 

17301 E. Lincoln Ave.
Parker, CO 80134



Link: Parker Recreation Center

Name Title Email Phone
Armsbury, Sarah Registration Coordinator 303.805.3273
Combest, Angie Admin and Retail Coordinator 303.805.3279
Frohne, Jackie Recreation Coordinator II - Aquatics 303.805.3287
Gentilini, Bryan Recreation Manager - Facility Operations 303.805.3268
Lange, Diane Recreation Coordinator II - Youth Enrichment 303.805.3281
Panik, Todd Recreation Supervisor - Fitness and Wellness 303.805.3278
Quaney, Hannah Recreation Coordinator II - Aquatics, 303.805.3282
Speelman, Kim Recreation Coordinator I 303.805.6326

Parks, Trails, Forestry and Open Space 

12010 S. Motsenbocker Rd.
Parker, CO 80134

Name Title Email Phone
Musil, Jared Deputy Director of Parks, Forestry and Open Space 303.805.3211
Shipley, Ben Parks Supervisor - Administration 303.805.3244
Stadsvold, Erik Forestry and Open Space Supervisor 303.805.3244
Claar, Jeff Parks, Forestry and Open Space Manager 303.805.3235