Tallman Gulch Trail


Tallman Gulch Trail extends from the Idyllwilde community in the southeast corner of Town, west and north past Iron Horse Elementary School, where it connects to the Sulphur Gulch Trail at Stonehenge Way within the Rowley Downs subdivision.

Tallman Gulch Trail is an eight-foot wide concrete path its entire length. There are several HOA-maintained subtrails off of Tallman Gulch Trail which are dirt or other non-paved surfaces. Additionally, there is an interconnected network of dirt trails called the Prairie Voice Loop Trail which winds around a large open space area at the southeastern terminus of the Tallman Gulch Trail. The Tallman Gulch Trail itself is approximately three miles long.

Flat 14er Designation

Flat 14ers is a State of Colorado initiative to encourage children, families, teachers, staff, administrators and community members to increase their level of physical activity by climbing virtual 14ers. This trail features signs with directions to "climb" the equivalent of a Colorado 14er. Find additional information about Colorado 14ers.

Trail Highlights

Highlights of the trail include Tallman Meadow Park and the Slemmer Barn historic site, both of which offer parking and picnic facilities.

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