How It Started

In 1806, John Claudius Loudon defined an arboretum as a site where trees and other woody plants are deliberately cultivated for scientific, educational and aesthetic purposes. In this spirit, the Town of Parker has created an arboretum at McCabe Meadows (on the northwest corner of Parker Road and Indian Pipe Lane). The Arboretum project began in April of 2002 with an Arbor Day planting of 34 trees and over 200 trees have been added since then.

Tree Collection

The trees planted in the Parker Arboretum represent commonly used species as well as the unusual. The project is envisioned as an educational area, where residents can come to enjoy a wide range of trees, including flowering varieties, evergreens, shade trees and dwarf species. The Arboretum also serves as a testing ground for trees that have not previously been widely planted in the Parker area. If a species is successful, Forestry staff will promote and plant that species throughout the Town parks, further diversifying our urban forest.

Contact Us

We encourage you to enjoy a stroll through our Arboretum and take pleasure in the wide range of tree species represented here. For more information, call 303.805.3221.