O'Brien Park

A planning process was completed with the community in 2019 to identify improvements needed for the O’Brien Park Playground. Due to COVID, the project construction was put on hold. In late 2021, the project was re-initiated, and the Town is moving forward with the improvements to the playground. The construction is anticipated to take place from May through October 2022. The playground will be shut down and have a fence around the construction work area. There should be minimal disruption to other park areas and activities, including events, programs and H2O’Brien Pool. The construction hours will generally be Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Please contact Brett Collins, Park Project Manager, at bcollins@parkeronline.org or 303.805.3276 for questions or concerns.


10795 Victorian Drive

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O'Brien Park is located at on the northeast corner of Parker Road and Mainstreet. The parking lot can be accessed from Victorian Drive.


8.5 acres


Located on Mainstreet near downtown Parker, this park includes a lighted softball field, a multipurpose field, a basketball court, two playground areas, an outdoor pool with slides and a variety of water features, a shade structure with tables, a lighted plaza area with tables and public restrooms. Electricity is available in the pavilion areas.

A historic sign can be found on the baseball backstop, the 20–Mile historic marker is located at O'Brien park and a decorative wall mural appears in the Keiffer's Crossing tunnel. In addition, O'Brien Park boasts “time stones,” a public art display, along with other art displays on a "rotating" basis.

O'Brien Park's gazebo serves as the backdrop for many Parker events, including outdoor concerts and the Mayor's Holiday Lighting.

In fall 2005, the Town purchased 5.64 acres directly northeast of O'Brien Park with the intention of eventually developing it as an extension of the existing park.

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