Available Flowerbeds

Flowerbeds Available for Adoption

Adopt-a-Flowerbed is an effort to encourage public involvement in the enhancement of community parks and facilities. This program is a volunteer-based activity where area volunteer groups "adopt" a flowerbed within the Town of Parker. The adoptive group is responsible for maintaining the selected bed with direction and oversight from the Parks and Recreation Department. Download the Parks, Trails and Facilities Maps.

Plant Select Demonstration Garden - Adopted for 2022

Located on the southeast side of the PACE Center this large bed displays plants promoted by the Colorado Plant Select Program. 20000 Pikes Peak Ave.

Xeric Demonstration Garden - Adopted for 2022

This demonstration garden near Town Hall contains three large beds displaying water-wise plants for the Front Range.

20120 E. Mainstreet

Living Wheel Park Flowerbeds - Adopted for 2022

Want to work with plants that attract butterflies and humming birds? Then this bed located along Mainstreet would be a great flowerbed for you.

10851 S. Crossroads Dr.

20 Mile Historic House Garden Adopted for 2022

You’re sure to stay busy with this garden! Plant materials range from bristle cone pines to annual flowers; this garden has plenty of variety.

18999 E. Mainstreet

O’Brien Park Gazebo Beds - Adopted for 2022

Find yourself downtown a lot but would rather be in the garden? Then this O’Brien Park bed should be right up your alley.

10759 Victorian Dr.

O’Brien Park Playground Beds - Adopted for 2022

Make it a family affair! Adopt one of these flowerbeds and do some gardening as a family or while the kids play. 10759 Victorian Dr.

The Schoolhouse Flowerbeds Adopted for 2022

A newly added public plaza area outside the historic Schoolhouse features three flowerbeds that adorn this beautiful stretch of Mainstreet in downtown Parker.

19650 E. Mainstreet

Town Hall Annual Flowerbeds -  Adopted for 2022

These eye-catching flowerbeds are some of the showiest in Town. Decorated in color from May through Oct., they are sure to be a favorite among volunteers.

20120 E. Mainstreet

Auburn Hills Community Park - Adopted for 2022 

If you’re curious about nature, adopt one of these beds in Auburn Hills Community Park and you’ll learn a little more than just what plants are in your bed.

11682 Bradbury Ranch Rd.

PACE Patio Garden - Adopted for 2022

Catch a show and settle into this quiet little space for some afternoon gardening, its sure to be a crowd pleaser. Located on the SW corner of the PACE facility.

20000 Pikes Peak Ave.

McCabe Planter Beds Adopted for 2022

Three raised planters next to the Cherry Creek Trail replanted each year with annual flowers. Formerly known as East Bank Park.

19700 Indian Pipe Ln.

Angel Memorial Healing Garden - Adopted for 2022

Healing garden for families after the loss of a child, cared for by the Rowan Tee Foundation volunteers. Formerly known as East Bank Park.

19700 Indian Pipe Ln.

Discovery Park Flowerbeds - Adopted for 2022

Discover a new way to appreciate one of Parker’s newest parks, adjacent to the Parker library.

20115 E. Mainstreet

Download your program application here. The flowerbed or planter must be adopted for one complete growing season (approximately May through Sept.) and sign up is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to adopt a flowerbed that is not listed, please contact Jeff Claar at jclaar@parkeronline.org.