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Memorial Tree Program


  1. 1. Memorial Tree Program Policies
  2. 2. Memorial Tree Program Request Form
  • Memorial Tree Program Policies

      • View for additional program specifics.
      • Complete request forms by Oct. 1 to be eligible for planting in the spring of the following year. 
      • Due to resource limitations, the Memorial Tree sponsor or honoree must be or have been a resident of incorporated Parker. 
      • Honorees are limited to deceased family member or friends, excluding pets.
      • The program cost includes the tree and installation, continued maintenance of the tree, planting certificate and listing on the digital Memorial Tree Map. Make checks payable to the Town of Parker.
      • Planting of the tree will be completed by Town staff or a preselected contractor. Town staff will maintain the tree by watering, staking and pruning the tree, when necessary.
      • The Town of Parker will insure the life of the tree and/or replacement for two years following the original installation date. The Town will make every reasonable effort to maintain the tree, but will not be responsible for acts of nature, survivability of trees, damage or vandalism. At the Town's sole discretion, the tree may be replaced, at no cost to the Memorial Tree sponsor, should it not survive beyond the two-year period but shall not be required to do so. Please note that broken branches or the natural shape of the tree are not considered reasons for replacement. 
      • The Town reserves the right to remove or relocate the tree if it is determined to be in the Town's best interest. 
      • Due to required maintenance and potential for vandalism, plaques or markers are not allowed on site with the tree.
      • Non-perishable items, such as photos, plastic flowers, beads, etc. are not permitted at the tree site and will be removed. 
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