Newlin Gulch Trail


Runs E/W then N/S between Cherry Creek Trail and Lincoln Ave./Jordan Rd


  • 0.77 mile
  • Trail Surface: Concrete
  • Users: Cyclists (including E-Bikes), Pedestrians (including dogs on-leash), Equestrians
  • Bench
  • Dog station
  1. 1


Newlin Gulch Trail connects the commercial development at Lincoln Ave. and Jordan Rd. to the Cherry Creek Trail. Pick up the trail just south of Lincoln Ave. on Village Center Dr. (near Lincoln Ave. and Jordan Rd.) and connect to the Cherry Creek Trail behind the Parker Recreation Center. An underpass under Lincoln Ave. was developed in 2007-2008. This cooperative project with Douglas County connected Newlin Gulch Trail to the County’s underpass at Jordan Rd. and to the neighborhood trails within Stonegate.

Additional public and private trails are being constructed each year, with the goal of providing connections between homes, schools, parks, open space, employment and commercial centers and other trail and transportation facilities.

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