Public Parks

  1. Auburn Hills Community Park

    The Town of Parker, Ryland Homes and Prairie Crossing Elementary School worked together to complete Auburn Hills Community Park. Located at 11682 Bradbury Ranch Rd. in Parker, Colorado, this park is also a Flat 14er.

  2. Bar CCC Park

    Located on Mainstreet just east of Cherry Creek in Parker, Colorado, this park offers access to the Cherry Creek and Sulphur Gulch Trails with a trailhead and parking. Recent improvements to the park include relocation of the ballfield, new irrigation and a shade shelter.

  3. Bayou Gulch Regional Park

    Bayou Gulch Regional Park is owned and managed by Douglas County Parks and located at 17299 E. Lincoln Ave. in Parker, Colorado.

  4. Challenger Regional Park

    Challenger Regional Park is owned and managed by Douglas County Parks and located at 17299 E. Lincoln Ave. in Parker, Colorado.

  5. Discovery Park

    Located next to Parker’s new library, Discovery Park on Mainstreet and Pine Drive will be a unique destination. With interactive fountains in the summer, a vibrant ice trail in the winter, and performances and events throughout the year, the new 1.5 acre park promises to be a four season community gathering place.

  6. Iron Horse Park

    Iron Horse Park, located at 20151 Tallman Ave., features access to Tallman Gulch Trail.

  7. Living Wheel Park

    Living Wheel Park is located near the intersection of Parker and Mainstreet in Parker, Colorado.

  8. McCabe Meadows

    Located in Parker, Colorado along the west side of Parker Road just north of Indian Pipe Lane and the Country Meadows subdivision, this park includes a trailhead and a picnic area with parking.

  9. O'Brien Park

    Located on Mainstreet in downtown Parker, Colorado, O'Brien Park includes a lighted softball field, basketball court, a playground and an outdoor pool with slides and a variety of water features.

  1. Preservation Park and Trailhead

    Preservation Park and Trailhead is the northern gateway into Parker and Douglas County, Colorado.

  2. Railbender Skate & Tennis Park

    Railbender Skate and Tennis Park is located on the west side of Twenty Mile Road between E. Plaza Drive and Longs Way in Parker, Colorado. The park features six lighted tennis courts, a children's playground, three picnic shelters, a public art display, restrooms, a trailhead for the Cherry Creek Regional Trail and approximately 68 on-site parking spaces.

  3. Salisbury Equestrian Park & Sports Complex

    Salisbury Equestrian Park and Sports Complex is located along Motsenbocker Road in Parker, Colorado. This park serves Parker's equestrian community, as well as a variety of youth and adult sports leagues.

  4. Salisbury Park North Expansion

    Salisbury Park, Expansion, Parks and Recreation, Master Plan

  5. Stroh Ranch Soccer Fields

    The Stroh Ranch Soccer Fields are located on the north side of Stroh Road, west of Cherry Creek in Parker, Colorado. The park has two regulation size soccer fields, a playground and two picnic shelters.

  6. Tallman Meadow Park

    Tallman Meadow Park is on the east side of Parker in the Idyllwilde community and was developed jointly by the Town and Village Homes. The park has a rustic western theme and boasts picnic and barbecue facilities, a shade shelter, a playground area, multi-use sports field and baseball field. The park's meandering trails connect to the Tallman Gulch Trail via a pedestrian bridge.

  7. Twenty-Mile Historic Park

    Twenty-Mile Historic Park is located near the intersection of Parker Road and Mainstreet in Parker, Colorado.

  8. Flat 14ers

    Climb the equivalent of a Colorado 14er in Parker Colorado.

  9. Parks, Trails and Facilities Maps

    View our Town of Parker, Colorado Parks and Trails maps for bikers, joggers, runners, walkers and equestrian riders.

Other Parks
In addition to these Town facilities, there are numerous semi-public parks and open space areas that are maintained by Homeowners' Associations or other organizations, including the Cottonwood Community Park and Open Space, which is accessible from Cherry Creek Trail.
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