H2O'Brien Pool Renovation

The H2O’Brien Pool renovation project was completed in 2020.

Renovations include:

  • New, large water play structure
  • Modernized pumps and filtration systems
  • Re-envisioned deck space with more seating, shade areas and outdoor showers
  • Improved women’s and men’s change rooms
  • Reorganized interior lobby and concessions
  • Overall improved accessibility

H2O’Brien Pool was built in 2002 and is the Town’s only public outdoor water recreation facility, making it a very popular destination throughout the outdoor swimming season. After 17 years of minimal updates and improvements, many of the pool’s original amenities were outdated, in need of repair and no longer met the community’s needs and expectations. This project aimed to improve both amenities and operations while increasing efficiency and lowering operational costs.

Funding in the amount of $2,753,720.33 from the Parks and Recreation Fund was approved by Town Council and transformed this unique facility into a more energy efficient, accessible and exciting destination, once again.

Estimated Project Cost Breakdown:

  • Mechanical equipment improvements (including plumbing & plumbing fixtures) - $219,800
  • Electrical improvements & light fixture upgrades to cut energy - $143,745 
  • Aquatic play feature - $700,000
  • Pool mechanical equipment (including filtration, pumps, etc.) -  $361,000
  • Building interior remodel (this also includes the concessions and back of house areas) - $483,579
  • Site improvements (plantings, decks, furniture/shade structures) - $361,906
  • Soft costs (indirect costs like liability insurance, builders risk insurance, bond fee and contractor fee) - $29,331
  • Contractor’s general conditions - $189,359
  • TOTAL* - $2,488,720

*Additional budget was set aside for unforeseen conditions and professional fees. 

H2O_Washroom-Entry      H2O_Changing-Stalls-and-Showers      H2O_PlayStructure