French Creek Trail


Runs NW/SE between Cherry Creek Tr. and French Creek Ave.


  • 0.39 mile
  • Trail Surface: Concrete
  • Users: Cyclists (including E-Bikes), Pedestrians (including dogs on-leash), Equestrians.
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The Town’s portion of the French Creek Trail starts at the Cherry Creek Trail in the Town’s Open Space south of Hess Rd., directly between Stroh Manzanita and Stroh Creekside Meadows subdivisions and heads northwest into Stroh Manzanita, emptying out at Prince Creek Dr. and French Creek Ave. The trail then continues on the south side of French Creek Ave. heading southwest and eventually west under Motsenbocker Rd. That segment is owned and under the maintenance responsibility of the Stroh Manzanita HOA.

There is also a soft-surface, non-ADA-Accessible trail connection from the east end of the Prince Creek Dr. cul-de-sac to the French Creek Trail, offering a “shortcut” to the Town’s Open Space areas. That short trail segment is also maintained by the Town and available to pedestrians and cyclists alike.

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