Youth Sports FAQ

Will we receive a phone call or email from our coach before the first practice?

You may not. Remember the coaches are volunteers; they are making schedule adjustments to volunteer their time and may not be able to call everyone before the first week. If you do not receive a call, do not worry. Please ATTEND your first practice at your scheduled time/location. 
I'd like to play with the same coach we had last season, can they save us a spot on their team? 
Most youth registration is taken as individuals on a first come, first serve basis. The only spots reserved on teams are for 2 to 3 coaches and their children. All other players must register online or in person and select the coach of their preference. While we understand participants' desire to play with specific coaches, we have determined this registration method as the best way to keep teams at the recreational level and prevent stacked teams. The best way to assure you are on your team of choice is to register on the first day of registration when it opens at 10 a.m. 
How do I get on a waitlist?
For Leagues: Contact Lou Meadows using the contact numbers provided on this page.
For Activities: Select "Add to Waitlist" and you are automatically placed on a waitlist. No charge is incurred until you are placed in the activity.
The team I registered for says "Coach Needed." What happens if a coach is not found for my team?
We do our best to fill coaching spots prior to the first day of registration; however, this is not always accomplished. We will continue to recruit a coach until one is either found or until the first day of practice. If necessary and space is available, we will move participants to another team. These transfers can cause practice day/time/location to change. As a last resort we would cancel the team and issue refunds. However, this is a very rare occurrence as we continue to reach out to parents to volunteer and coach.

How can I sign up as a youth sports coach?
Contact the sports staff. They will help assign you a practice time and location, gather contact information and send you the background check information. All coaches are required to pass a background check prior to coaching. This check is performed every 3 years.

Can I play on the same team as my friend?

Since registration is taken individually, participants are able to choose the team they'd like to join. If you are trying to register with another family or friend, be sure each participant selects the same team number, coach or practice time. If you are trying to join a team someone is already on, you can select the same team unless it is full. If the team is full, you will need to contact the sports staff using the contact numbers provided on this page to get on the waitlist.

As a participant, what equipment do we need?
  • Athletic clothing
  • Shoes specific for the sport (Metal cleats are NOT allowed in any recreation program.)
  • Water
  • Specific sport equipment noted on your purchase receipt
We provide game balls and team jerseys for most youth sports.

Can I take pictures during practices and games?
Pictures may be taken for personal use only. Photographers may not sell sports pictures.

What areas of the field/court am I allowed to watch a game from? 
During youth sporting events, specified areas are designated for spectators.  These designated areas are designed to provide a safe playing field for players and coaches and help prevent injury and distractions to our participants. Spectators are never allowed on the same sideline as the teams and coaches. This allows players and coaches a separate space along the sidelines to discuss game play and observe the game without outside commentary.

Can I wear jewelry during practices and games?

Due to safety and injury issues, jewelry is not allowed in youth sports. Taping of jewelry is not allowed. Medical alert items may be worn and taped to the wrist. 
Adult and Youth Sports Transfers, Cancelations and Refunds
If a league/program is canceled or teams are combined due to insufficient registration, you will be notified prior to the start date and will receive a full refund, credit or transfer to another sport or team.

Adult Sports: Adult Sports league registration is taken by team only, unless otherwise noted. The team captain must pay a minimum payment of $100 that is due upon registration and is non-refundable; captains may also pay in full. Payment of any remaining balance is due on the start date of the league. Credit cards and electronic checks will automatically be charged; cash and sponsor payments must be submitted no later than the start date of the league.
Cancelation, refund and transfer requests must be made seven business days prior to the advertised start of the activity. The initial payment of $100 is non-refundable and there is a $5 processing fee for each change to the initial registration purchase.

Youth Sports: Cancelation, refund and transfer requests must be made three business days prior to the advertised start of the activity. There is a $5 processing fee for each change to the initial registration purchase.

To submit a registration change request (transfers, cancelations, refunds) for sports programs, please contact Lou at