Pilates Personal Training

About the Program

The Pilates Reformer is a specialized piece of exercise equipment designed to help users maintain ideal form as they perform exercises to strengthen their body's core (abdominal, back and thighs). Clients will work individually or in a group to build strength, flexibility, and long lean muscle tone under the supervision of a certified Pilates Reformer trainer. Meet the Pilates personal training team. Sessions are 50 minutes. Call Todd Panik at 303.805.3278 to schedule an appointment.

Session Fees

These prices are effective January 1, 2013.
 Sessions Individual Resident Fee
Individual Nonresident Fee
 Semi-Private Resident Fee
Semi-Private Nonresident Fee
 1  $55  $60  $35  $38
 3  $150  $175  $99  $109
 5  $240  $264  $155  $170
 10  $460  $506  $290  $319

Getting Started

To register for Pilates Reformer Training sessions or for more information on Pilates Reformer, please complete a Pilates Reformer Services Request. You can also directly contact Todd Panik at 303.805.3278 or by email.  Access the Personal Training Registration Packet here, fill out the paperwork and bring it to your first session.

Pilates Reformer Classes

Small group reformer classes are now available! Use of the reformer will quickly strengthen, stretch, and reshape your body. View a list of available classes and to register online.