Registration Information

Electronic Enrollment Forms through ePACT:

Parker Fieldhouse Day Camp
is proud to announce our launch of ePACT- an online system to collect and manage our participants’ enrollment forms, emergency information and waiver releases. Instead of multiple paper forms per session, you will now be able to complete this once a year using your ePACT account!

So what is ePACT?

ePACT is an online emergency network, where you can securely add, manage and share your child’s key health and emergency contact details with us.

Why are we using ePACT?

  •  Saves You Time: You only need to submit your information once a year through ePACT. Next year, you’ll only need to review the information, taking less than a minute!
  • Improved privacy and security: Paper forms can be lost or misplaced. ePACT’s privacy and security measures exceed those of online banks and they are HIPPA compliant.
  • Peace of Mind: ePACT makes it easy for you to share health and emergency contact details, so we can provide the best support for your child. Plus, you can update this anytime and we will automatically receive those new details.

Accessing ePACT:

Please send an email to Day Camp Administration at in order to request an invitation to enroll into ePACT.  A current copy of your child's immunization record and (if needed) any of the additional forms listed below must be included! 

Day Camp Registration Fee:

$15 a year and includes a new camp field trip shirt. Fee will be charged with invitation to ePACT on your Active Net account.

Additional Forms

Please review the Day Camp Policies and Procedures Handbook prior to starting camp.

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