Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor Training

Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard Candidate Positions available, contact Jenna Stevenson at for more information.
- Class #12715: April 28 - May 6

- Class #12716: May 12 - 20

- Class #12718: May 29 - 31

- Class # 12717: June 4 - 6

- Class #12719: June 11 - 13

- Class #12720: July 16 - 18

Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Cost: $160 R/$175 NR

For ages 15 and older, Parker Recreation offers lifeguard training to learn how to safely rescue swimmers while maintaining personal safety. The course meets all requirements to become a lifeguard for American Red Cross facilities including CPR / AED training and First Aid certifications.

Looking for Employment as a Lifeguard?

The Town of Parker is actively seeking American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards. Pay starts at $11 per hour, plus you receive a free membership to the Recreation Center and Fieldhouse while you are employed with the town. Go to to apply. The Town is also looking for Certified Swim Instructors starting at $14 per hour, and Water Safety Instructors. 

NOT CERTIFIED YET? Take a class through the Town! Lifeguard Candidates* are eligible to receive reimbursement for taking the course through the Town of Parker and becoming an employee with the Town of Parker.

*Contingent upon hiring and working for the Town of Parker (must be age 15 or older). Candidate must pay half price up front, pass the class, be interviewed and hired as a lifeguard for the Town of Parker. After working for 90 days, lifeguard will receive their refund. Please contact Jenna Stevenson at or 303.805.3287 for more information before you sign-up!

Water Safety Instructor Training

Parker Recreation also offers water safety instructor training for ages 16 and older. Students learn to instruct swim lessons to the high standards of American Red Cross' swim programs. Contact the Learn to Swim Coordinator at 303.805.3282 or by email for additional information.

Classes & Registration

View current classes and registration options. Some programs are only offered seasonally, please check back often.