Branching Out Parker

The application deadline was May 1. The online application system is now closed for the 2023 Branching Out Parker program. For reimbursements in progress, sign in to your eTRAKiT account

Tree Reimbursement Program

The Town of Parker's reimbursement program, “Branching Out Parker” provides funding assistance for Parker residents to encourage the planting of trees throughout the Town. Planting trees improves the environment plus it’s a simple, cost effective way for residents to participate in the enhancement of their local neighborhoods and the community. This program is funded through existing money from developer impact fees.

Application Requirements

Completed applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning April 1, 2023 through May 1, 2023, or until annually budgeted program funds are exhausted. Late applications cannot be accepted. If funds are exhausted prior to the deadline, it will be noted here. Applicants will be notified of acceptance within 48 hours. Applications are only valid for the year that they were submitted.

REQUIRED attachments: (available within the application system)

Program Resources


All single-family, owner-occupied residential lots/units within the Town limits (PDF) are eligible to participate for a maximum of one application per program year. Owners of multiple single-family residential units can participate in this program but may only apply for one lot per program year. Tree purchase and installation costs are eligible for reimbursement up to $300 or 50 percent, whichever is less. General landscaping, irrigation systems, tree maintenance or tree removal costs are not eligible expenses. Any landscaping work of this nature must be invoiced to the homeowner separately. To be eligible for reimbursement, ONLY the tree purchase and install may appear on the invoice that is submitted to the Town for reimbursement.

Submitting Application

Applications for the 2023 program are now closed. For reimbursements in progress, sign in to your eTRAKiT account

Tree Species

The Town’s Parks, Forestry and Open Space Division has developed a list of recommended trees (PDF) that are eligible for this program based on their ability to survive in our climate and resist various diseases. Attention should be given to placement of trees based on individual tree preferences such as sun exposure, drainage, slopes and soil type. Mature size of the tree(s) should also be considered when planting near structures, overhead power lines or existing trees. A list of prohibited species is also included. These trees are not well suited for the Parker landscape and will not be approved or considered for reimbursement.

Tree Purchase

Once a letter of acceptance is received, we encourage applicants to purchase their trees, according to the recommended tree species list, from vendors, licensed nurseries or landscape contractors, preferably located within the Town limits; outside Town limits is acceptable as well. It is the applicant’s responsibility to coordinate with their vendor regarding tree installation and comply with any requirements and/or conditions of their HOA. RECEIPTS DATED PRIOR TO THE ACCEPTANCE LETTER WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR REIMBURSEMENT.

Inspection and Reimbursements

Once approved and planted, the actual tree cost, including installation, will be reimbursed through the Branching Out program up to $300 or 50 percent, whichever is less. See examples below:

Tree(s) purchased and planted

  • $400 cost for tree at 50 percent reimbursement = $200 reimbursement from the Town.
  • $800 cost for tree(s) at 50 percent reimbursement = $300 maximum reimbursement from the Town. 

To receive reimbursement, trees must be purchased and planted, and a copy of the paid receipt uploaded and attached to the approved permit no later than July 5, 2023. Once the receipt has been received, staff may conduct a quick on-site verification that the tree(s) has been planted. If the planted tree(s) and paperwork meet all of the Town’s specifications, a reimbursement check will be authorized and mailed to the applicant in four to six weeks, based on normally scheduled Town Finance Department check runs. 


It is the responsibility of the program participant to maintain the trees and coordinate with the vendor directly, regarding any warranty and/or maintenance issues.

Program Contact

Branching Out Parker Team | Email | Ph: 303.805.3244